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Support the Sisters

Supporting retired Sisters with a financial donation is no small act. It’s following Jesus’ example of generosity to those in need. It’s the privilege of sharing your gifts and resources to bless another. Your funding helps sustain the aging Sisters who, even though retired, continue to impact the world with their prayers and Christ-like living.

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Thank you, Sisters

Has your life been touched by the kind spirit and loving ministry of a Sister? For many growing up in the Catholic tradition, you can fondly answer, “yes!” The Foundation for Religious Retirement allows grateful and faithful Catholics to help ensure a healthy, safe, and secure retirement for Sisters. Be a blessing to the Sisters who served with their lives and helped you grow in your faith — please consider a financial gift. It is a God-honoring way to say, “Thank you, Sisters.”

I did things I never thought I could, or would do. I have had grace-filled and spiritual opportunities in the people I’ve met and the various works I was able to carry out. God’s goodness was ever present.

Sister Leo Marie S.

Where Your Support Goes

Recently completed projects include:

  • Purchase of a handicap van
  • Updating the sisters’ bathrooms by taking out tubs and installing showers
  • Replacing furniture with arm chairs that are safer for older sisters
  • Added computers and equipment, internet access, printers, scanner, and a computer help-desk staff member

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