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Sr. Clare

It is a unique volunteer position, being a ‘Little Fairy Godmother of the lobby concourse.” Sister Clare sparkles with joy when she talks about her volunteer work at Agnesian Healthcare in Fond du Lac, WI. “I love what I do, I sit at a table and smile at people and I visit with them. I have no judgments towards them so it frees them to share whatever it is they need to share. Many times they will share what is weighing heavily in their heart. I then say something back to encourage them,” smiled Sister Clare.

“Sister Clare has a calming presence,” shared Linda Becker, Volunteer Director. “People just gravitate to her and love her. You can come through the lobby and there she will be with her smile visiting with someone.”

Sister Clare is retired from a ministry as a teacher and principal. She has celebrated her 70th Jubilee. She came to CSA as a young girl of 13 from Tifflin, OH.

Sr. Ronald

“I worked 50 years as a homemaker for the congregation. I have been retired for six years, and in my retirement I visit home-bound people. I take communion to them and I pray with them. I was recently introduced by a daughter of one of the home-bound person’s I used to visit as ‘the sister who helped mom go to heaven.’ It is moments like that when I know I am in the right place. I truly feel blessed to be able to be present to people and bring them communion.”

“My hobby is woodworking. I have made and outdoor creche which is displayed in the front yard at Christmas time. Woodworking runs in my family. My brother is a builder and he supplies me with the wood I need. I enjoy tracing and then cutting out what I trace with the saw.”

Sr. Paul Ann

Sister Paul Ann works each morning at St. Thomas More Prep and Marian High School in Hays, Kansas. She serves in the Department of Campus Ministry. Barb Wagoner, Campus Minister, shared recently about Sr Paul Ann,”We are a team, she loves the students and they love her. Our students perform forty hours of community service each year. We interview them each quarter and review what they are learning from their volunteer work. Sr. Paul Ann is part of the interview team. She also prepares the sacristy for the weekly school mass held in our chapel. Her favorite saying is, ‘It will be good for your soul.’  Her presence creates an awareness of spirituality and her example of praying for the daily intentions of our faculty, staff and students is very valued.”

The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes has a long history of providing Catholic education in Hays, Kansas. Many vocations came from this area and Sr. Paul Ann is one.

Sr. Virginia

Every Monday through Friday you can find Sr. Virginia in the Memory Care Unit at Nazareth Court and Center leading a group activity. For the past 14 years she has gathered patients for coffee and graham crackers and then an activity. The activities vary including following a simple recipe, doing a craft project, talking, reading, singing, praying and of course laughing together.

“I always begin by asking everyone their name and how they are,” shared Sr. Virginia. “People with Alzheimer’s live in the present, they have no past or future. I strive to bring a bit of happiness to the moment we are together. Whatever I can do to make them happy in the moment is precious. My purpose is to help them connect in whatever way they can and to stimulate their thought process. They will not remember anything I have done but that is all right. I give them my love and in return I go home with a deep happiness in my heart.”

“My mother had Alzheimer’s disease for many years and I have a soft spot in my heart for people who suffer from it.”